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Shaggy's Definitive Guide to Good Bud

Like, dude, good bud is like the bee's knees, man! Here are the signs of some primo stuff:

  • Like, first and foremost, it's gotta have a totally groovy scent, man. You know it when you smell it – it's like a skunky, earthy, almost sweet aroma that just tickles your nose hairs.

  • The buds themselves should be super dense and sticky, with lots of trichomes – those little crystal-like hairs that cover the surface of the bud. You should be able to see them glistening in the light, man.

  • The colors should be totally far-out, too. Depending on the strain, good bud can be bright green, purple, orange, or even red. And it should have lots of little hairs – called pistils – sticking out of the bud, too.

  • When you touch the bud, it should feel slightly sticky and spongy, like a good sponge cake, man. But it shouldn't be too moist – if it feels too damp, it might be moldy, which is definitely not cool.

  • When you smoke it, good bud should burn smoothly and evenly, with a nice white ash. And of course, it should taste amazing – like a mix of earthy, fruity, and spicy flavors that just explode in your mouth.

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