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Why Go Raw?

Raw Rolling Papers are highly regarded for their quality and eco-friendly approach to manufacturing. Here are some reasons why they are considered to be so good:

  1. Unbleached and additive-free: Raw papers are made from unbleached and natural plant fibers, which makes them additive-free and safer to smoke. Many other rolling paper brands use bleach and other chemicals during production.

  2. Thin and even burn: Raw papers are thin and have a uniform thickness, which allows for an even burn. This makes for a smoother smoking experience and less harsh hits.

  3. Natural gum: Raw papers use natural gum derived from the African Acacia tree, which makes them easier to roll and stick together. This is unlike other brands that use synthetic glue or other chemical adhesives.

  4. Sustainable production: Raw Rolling Papers are produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. They use wind power to generate electricity for their factory, and they use hemp and other sustainable materials in their products.

  5. Wide variety: Raw offers a wide variety of rolling papers to choose from, including different sizes, flavors, and materials. This allows smokers to find the perfect paper for their smoking preferences.

Overall, Raw Rolling Papers are known for their high quality, natural ingredients, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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